In the present day, a lot of daily activities have shifted online. From activities like gaming, entertainment, trade and even education, it is now possible to do a lot of stuff remotely. Actually, some people lead ordinary lives yet they seldom leave the house. They make their income, do shopping, receive food and get their entertainment all the while tucked away in their homes.

The reality of online activity has been stamped by the rise of the global Coronavirus pandemic just a few months into 2020. The dangerous respiratory infection has literally brought the world to a stop. Businesses are shut, schools are closed and ‘stay at home’ is a major safety call.

In these times, studying online has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Some people who had not taken an interest in online learning might be having a pretty hard time right now. If you fall in that category, worry no; the site you are reading right now is here to ease you into the world of online learning. If you are already versed with the model, there are some helpful tips for you in the site articles too.

In here, you will find numerous articles about online learning, grouped into the following sections for ease of access:

Online Courses

This section explores the learning opportunities that are available online. It assesses the ease of getting through each one of them, the duration of the course and whom they are best suited for. The information found here will help you make a decision on the course that fits you best.

It is not enough to just study online. Learning from an accredited institution is just as important. The section also compiles a list of reputable institutions that offer online courses. The online sphere, despite being very resourceful, is laced with unscrupulous dealers; avoid them by getting the right guidance.

Tests and Examinations

Studying online is an easy step to take compared to taking tests online. While in physical classes the urge to cheat may be quashed by the presence of invigilators, you get to take online tests from your own quarters. How do you go about it then? This piece guides you on how to maintain integrity when taking online exams.

Some institutions offer timed tests when people sit online exams. It is easy to get thrown off the balance by such. Learn how to manage your time well to beat the timings.

Online Workshops

Online study groups are another tricky area. Think about the members’ staggered schedules and the many distractions that exist. Not forgetting that online classmates are often unknown to each other. This section explores how to go about equipping and organising yourself for the utmost benefit in online workshops.

The content here is expert-generated; follow it and you will have smooth sailing in your online studies. Welcome!