Online courses offer you accessible and affordable yet quality education. There is a variety of online classes you can take. Some are, however, not accredited hence as good as worthless on paper. It would be best if you were careful not to take such. Here are some of the reputable institutions that offer online courses.

Harvard University

This university is renowned the world over to offer top-notch education in a variety of fields, including health, medicine, data science, business, and arts. Harvard is ranked third globally among the top Ivy League (highest recognition of universities in the world) universities. Through the EdX platform, the university is offering 55 diverse online courses and modules for free with a small cost for certification.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This university specializes in science and technology, and its graduates have come up with breakthroughs in the field. These include the invention of the magnetic core memory, the first chemical synthesis of penicillin, among others. 93 Nobel Laureates also hailed from the prestigious institution. MIT is ranked the best among Ivy League Colleges and Universities worldwide. It is currently offering over 50 free online courses via the EdX platform and certification at a small cost.

Columbia University, New York

This university ranks third alongside other well reputable universities among Ivy League universities such as Princeton. Columbia is one of the few institutions that offer a wide range of courses online, including certificates, degree and non-degree programs. The university is currently offering diverse free online courses via edX.

University Of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

This Ivy League institution was among the very first universities to offer undergraduate and graduate studies in the United States of America. It provides several online courses for free through various platforms, including courser, future learning, and edX. The university also offers an online degree among its other web-based programs.