Colleges and universities have adopted e-learning to accommodate more students in need. With online courses more accessible, one can now get just as much quality and even more affordable education online. Previously one had to sit in a class physically for this. Here are some of the best online courses you can take today.

Introduction to Computer Science -Harvard University via edX

This is a beginner’s course. It aims at teaching you how to reason algorithmically and solve problems better. On completion of this course, you should be familiar with CSS, HTML, and PHP. The course is free, but you can get a HarvardX Verified Certificate for 90 dollars.

Mobile Development -Google via Udacity

This is a course that enables web developers to learn more about how to come up with better cross-device mobile web experiences. You will get to know how to work better with mobile web apps that operate across various platforms such as iOS and Android. To get Google’s Web Specialist Certification, you will have to do an exam.

Successful Negotiation-University of Michigan( via Coursera)

This is a great course to enhance your soft skills in the workplace. It entails how to come up with a negotiation strategy and to utilise tactics of success. It also teaches you ways of coming up with a contract and how to evaluate the performance.

Mandarin Chinese –MandarinX via EdX

With China being a major stakeholder in the global business market, this is an essential course for business. In this course, you will learn Mandarin Chinese, which is common in meetings worldwide. You will learn the basic phrases and proper tones in Mandarin.

Google Analytics via Google

This is a popular beginner’s course, especially for anyone in media and business. This course enables you to learn how to operate Google Analytics interface and reports, create shortcuts, and set up dashboards. You will learn to analyse the audience, behaviour reports, track campaigns, and set goals too.

Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager-MIT Open Courseware

This is an intermediate course that takes up to 41 lessons to complete. This course will help you understand better legal issues in the corporate world. The course expounds on business law and tackles topics such as international trade, intellectual property, and bankruptcy.

Beginners Adobe Photoshop via Adobe KnowHow

This is an excellent tutorial for anyone to learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop. In this course, you will learn how to create your work environment and use different editing functions that Adobe Photoshop has.